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The Conservative Group for Europe regrets the outcome of the recent referendum on British membership of the European Union.  It notes that the Leave campaign made a number of seriously inaccurate claims which are very likely to have affected the outcome and believes that the British national interest would have been best served by continued membership.  It notes that both Britain and the Conservative Party have been deeply divided by the outcome.

In the new circumstances the CGE continues to  believe that it is in the interests of the United Kingdom, of the countries of the European Union and of the Western world that Britain should have the closest practicable economic and political relationship with the European Union. It will, therefore, promote research and discussion of models which maintain full British participation in the Single Market, seek to preserve existing citizens’ and consumer rights  and promote close co-operation on matters of foreign, security and environmental policy and against crime and terrorism. It will campaign for outcomes to the coming negotiations which reflect these objectives and take account of changing economic and political circumstances and of public opinion over the coming period. We will also seek to foster greater dialogue between the Conservative Party and our centre-right allies in continental Europe.

Neil Carmichael



Neil Carmichael MP
Chair, Conservative Group for Europe