• Health and Brexit

    21 March 2017

    John Bowis

    From SARS to Avian Flu to Bioterrorism, infectious diseases do not recognise national borders. EU membership has enabled us to pool information, preventative measures and resources, to tackle such threats in collaboration with our closest neighbours. We have set up a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm, to work together on early ...

  • Advocating the unilateral guarantee of EU citizens’ rights in the name of fairness

    27 February 2017

    Nicolas Hatton

    The rights of EU citizens after Brexit have wrongly become the hot subject of the moment. Wrongly because it doesn’t belong to the Brexit debate and should have been settled on June 24th. But the absence of commitment at the top has left three million EU citizens in limbo with one last chance before article ...

  • The European Union

    27 January 2017

    Neil Carmichael MP

    In the immediate future, Parliament will be debating and dividing on the implementation of Article 50 and, consequently, triggering the formal negotiations for United Kingdom to leave the European Union. This is not something I campaigned for; indeed, my whole political life – starting as it did in my teenage years – has been founded ...

  • Thoughts on the UK, the European Union and Brexit

    21 November 2016

    David Grayson

    We are a bitterly divided country. A majority voted on June 23rd to leave the EU. Remain voters need to accept that. I don’t think, however, it helps for Leave supporters to claim it was a decisive vote. The pre-Referendum quote from Nigel Farage that a 52:48 vote wouldn’t ‘settle things’, has been widely quoted. Of ...

  • Brexit and Article 50

    9 November 2016

    Neil Carmichael MP

    The referendum result means the United Kingdom is on course to leave the European Union. Triggering Article 50 – ironically a process introduced by the much maligned Treaty of Lisbon – starts the process for ‘negotiation’ with a target of early 2019 for completion. The recent court case over Article 50 is, essentially, about how it ...

  • One week to go: beware the false prospectus, and Vote Remain!

    19 June 2016

    Edward Bickham

    I still believe that the Britain I know and love will vote to Remain in the EU next Thursday. We are a country of instinctive moderation albeit a dangerous stridency and xenophobia has been stoked by the ‘Leave’ campaign. The British people are told that Turkey will soon join the EU and flood us with migrants; ...

  • Two weeks to go: we are Healthier care in the EU

    9 June 2016

    Neil Carmichael MP

    Over 200 leading health professionals, covering physical and mental health, and including professors, doctors, nurses, specialists and therapists recently signed a letter to the Times, saying’ “….we write to highlight the valuable benefits of continued EU membership to the NHS, medical innovation and UK public health”. Since then, such views have been endorsed and embellished ...

  • Three weeks to go: Sovereignty and Britain’s place in the European Union

    3 June 2016

    Neil Carmichael MP

    One of the principal debating points about Britain’s membership of the Europe Union is sovereignty and, more precisely, how it is defined and deployed. We live in an era of increasing globalisation, meaning nation-states often work together to achieve their political and economic goals. This is, in essence, the way the European Union works. The fact ...

  • Four weeks to go: the European Union Single Market

    23 May 2016

    Neil Carmichael MP

    A huge number of firms in the UK access the European Union Single Market. It is the world’s largest barrier-free trading area, accounting for nearly half of our trade. The EU economy is £11.8 billion in total value, making it larger than the United States economy and, perhaps surprisingly, almost twice the size of the ...

  • Five weeks to go: alternatives to the European Union

    16 May 2016

    Neil Carmichael MP

    The European Union referendum campaign is now properly underway. In less than forty days, electors must make their minds up on this crucially important question. It is a decision of a lifetime because we will not be able to change our minds afterwards, at least for several decades. One cleavage issue has been the matter of ...