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The reason why there must be a second referendum

On 15th January 2019, the House of Commons rejected the deal negotiated by the government for exiting the European Union, which should come into effect on 29th March. The United Kingdom is now in a situation of deep uncertainty with not knowing how the future will look like.

The Cost of Brexit

It is fair to say that Brexiters love Professor Patrick Minford.

"A Democracy Can Change its Mind" by Michael Maclay

When Liam Fox, one of the Cabinet’s leading Brexiteers, assesses the chances of Brexit happening this year at roughly 50/50, this should serve as a clarion call to those of us who hope a second referendum will give us the chance to reverse Brexit.

What's the problem with Super Canada?

Many advocates of a ‘clean break’ or ‘hard’ Brexit believe that Britain should be aiming to conclude an agree with the EU that uses the Canada- EU CETA free trade deal as its model.

People’s Vote – a must have!

The binary choice offered to the British people during the Referendum just over two years ago has spawned countless more choices as complexities, contradictions and consequences just keep on coming to the fore.