Non-Tariff Barriers – the barrier they never mention

When discussing trade deals, we should beware any politician who talks of possible Tariff or Quota barriers, but ignores the third category, namely Non-Tariff Barriers. These are by far the most destructive barrier– tariffs and quotas are transparent, published in advance, and apply to all, and strategies can be pursued to mitigate them.


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The impact of Brexit on health and care, by Ben Howlett

This week Brexit negotiations resumed between the UK and the EU. Taking place over video link, this particular round of talks are the last before the EU leaders’ summit on 18 June. The negotiations have so far have made little ground, with both the EU and UK negotiators; Michel Barnier and Sir David Frost, taking contrasting stances on most issues. This is despite the Government’s approach stating a deal would be preferable to reduce barriers to trade and streamline processes. However, the looming end to the agreed transition period at the end of December brings an increased risk of a no-deal outcome. Such a situation would bring a host of implications for health and care providers, the staff that work for them and, by extension, the patients, and residents they serve. 

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Brexit Isn’t Getting Done – Time for a ReThink

May 26, 2020

The Brexit talks have stalled, the negotiations are in deadlock, and the 30 June deadline to extend the transition is looming. Pragmatic Conservatives need to take stock and re-orientate. It is now clear that we need to keep a border from opening up in the Irish Sea. The fate of the Union is at stake, and although this looming crisis is overshadowed by the pandemic, we must not lose sight of the integrity of the United Kingdom. 

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President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier: 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd World War

May 08, 2020

Seventy-five years ago today, the Second World War came to an end in Europe.

8 May 1945 marked the end of the Nazi reign of tyranny, the end of night-time bombing raids and death marches, the end of unprecedented German crimes and the end of the Shoah, that betrayal of all civilised values. Here in Berlin, where the war of annihilation was conceived and from where it was unleashed, and whither it returned with the full force of destruction – we had planned to commemorate this day jointly with others.


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The biggest public information campaign in history may have gone missing, by Michael Cluff

March 17, 2020

We thought we missed something? A brief check around colleagues in the Conservative Group for Europe indicated very little exposure to the “Get ready for BREXIT” campaign. Only last night did the campaign seem to move onto TV.

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Young CGE Campaign for Stephen Hammond

December 01, 2019

With his 14 years of experience as MP for Wimbledon, two Ministerial appointments and a very strong record of principled positions, Stephen Hammond has an enviably strong base to continue his winning streak.

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YCGE and Young Fine Gael, International Policy Seminar

November 03, 2019

The Conservative Group for Europe sponsored a 3-day International Policy Seminar which was organised by our youth wing – the Young CGE. This is the second international conference which YCGE has organised within the past 6 months, and we are most pleased they are growing in strength, size and complexity.

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“Boris” will try to DUPe everyone, but MPs need to level with the public

October 23, 2019

The “MayMinusMinus” Deal does not #GetBrexitDone: electorate will punish #AnyDeal MPs

“#GetBrexitDone”. Get it over with. We are tired. We are fed up. We voted three and a half years ago. This is what the politicians tell us people are saying. Of course, it’s understandable to want to bring Brexit to a close – even if the “close” favoured by many is actually to cancel the whole thing. The electorate, though, is sure to punish MPs who assure them now that Brexit is done, only for it to dominate the agenda again. Here we set out the ticking time bombs that the deal creates.


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Who is next in line to be DUPed? By Martin Smith

October 21, 2019

If the Deal passes, someone has been lied to

Northern Ireland’s place in the union is hanging off the edge of a cliff and the DUP has been thrown under the bus. The Prime Minister lied to them as he has done to so many others, abandoning his previous commitment  to avoiding a hard border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 


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