Want to be our Campaign Executive?

Do you love campaigning, organising events and responding to the news agenda?

At CGE we're searching for an energetic Campaign Executive to complement the work of our Parliamentary Researcher and focus on campaigning outside of Parliament.

Take a look at the job spec below and send your application across to info@conservativegroupforeurope.org.uk


CGE Campaign Executive

The Conservative Group for Europe (CGE) has been the focal point for pro-European Conservatives for over 50 years. It campaigns for the closest practicable, political and economic relationship between Britain, the European Union and its Member States. The organisation has an effective Parliamentary Group, publishes research, organises speaker meetings and has an active youth wing. The organisation wishes to ensure that as debates around Brexit reach a crescendo, the authentic voice of pro-European Conservatives is well represented in Parliament, within all sections of the Conservative Party, amongst pro-European Conservative supporters and in the media.

To assist the Group in achieving these aims, it wishes to recruit a Campaign Executive to work in the role from October 2018 until March 2019.

The objectives for the appointment are to:

* Ensure that the CGE is more pro-active in responding to the news agenda;

* Work with others in ensuring that the website is regularly updated and that the CGE’s presence on social media is enhanced;

* Improve the CGE’s ability to mobilise members to campaign within the Conservative Party and more generally, through improving co-ordination and the dissemination of briefing materials

* Support CGE and YCGE members in organising events, especially outside of London

Key responsibilities will be to:

* Develop and support ongoing implementation of a communications strategy.

* Develop a media presence for CGE and to repurpose briefing materials and generate video and news releases

* Draft Op-ed articles in name of the Chairman andParliamentary supporters.

* Develop messaging, including material for members to use nationally and 

* Promote the CGE website as a resource and develop a stronger social media presence.

* Undertake outreach to pro-European business, professional organisations and civil society groups (e.g. in science and environment).

The CGE is a members’ association, organised on a day to day basis through an Executive Committee, supported by a part-time Administrator and a Parliamentary Researcher.

The Campaign Executive will need to work and liaise with these individuals and with the Officers and Executive Members in the discharge of their duties; support the CGE at events with partner organisations, both in and outside of London; and provide support to the Young Conservative Group for Europe.

The role will also require servicing the Group’s Executive and General Purposes Committees.

Desired skills include: Good writing, communication and organisational skills; basic IT skills; experience with media and of campaigning within the Conservative Party. The successful candidate must be able to point to a track record of active support for British membership of the EU and of a desire for a continuing close relationship between Britain and the EU.

September 2018