How dishonest PM aims to use incompetent opposition to force through undemocratic No Deal catastrophe, by Martin Smith

September 26, 2019

No Deal unpopular? Put it up against Prime Minister Corbyn…

Parliament is against No Deal and is forcing the Prime Minister’s hand with Brussels. He failed to obstruct parliament. The public also seems to be opposed. At this point, it is difficult to see where Boris Johnson can turn to implement this undemocratic catastrophe of which he is so fond.

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My Party's No Deal Disaster, By Baroness Altmann

September 12, 2019

The referendum result did not specify any particular Brexit date and does not give the Government a mandate to leave without a Deal. The Leave campaign leaders regularly assured voters that we would get a good deal with the EU, plus more free trade deals and more money to spend on our priorities. They did not suggest leaving without any Deal at all, nor that leaving would cost the country many billions of pounds, and put jobs and businesses at risk. 

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No Deal Brexit very bad news – not least for Science, by Ian Taylor

September 11, 2019

Advocates of Leave in the 2016 Referendum never implied such an outcome would seriously disrupt lives, cost jobs or diminish living standards. But that is what is now facing the citizens of this country, especially if we leave with No Deal.  This would have disastrous consequences for businesses, create chaos at the borders, drive up food prices and lead to a shortage of essential goods. It would also mean turbulent prolonged uncertainty of how to secure a future trade relationship with by far our largest market without transitional arrangements in place.


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'Unprecedented' protest of young Conservatives

September 06, 2019

The Young Conservative Group for Europe organised a demonstration outside Conservative Party Headquarters to protest the expulsion of 21 MPs from the Conservative Parliamentary Party.


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September 03, 2019


Research released as part of the launch of the Conservative Group for Europe’s No 2 No Deal Campaign shows that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party would be returned with fewer seats than under Theresa May in 2017. Pursuing a No Deal Brexit fails to unite the Leave vote and alienates Tory Remainers. Research was based on the question: “How would you vote in a general election if the Conservative Party and the Brexit Party included a No Deal Brexit in their manifesto?”


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Correcting headlines: Alexander Johnson demands that world’s largest peace-promoting organisation be complicit in breaking historic peace treaty, by Martin Smith

August 19, 2019

Three years ago, a man with no discernible political convictions other than his own self-promotion decided to argue for an impossible and fraudulent policy position that he would never have to implement but that would make him popular with his party’s members. 


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The challenge of the £100 million public service campaign to explain Brexit, by Michael Cluff

August 06, 2019

In the last few days the new government appear to have suggested that between now and the end of October there will be a £100 million campaign across TV, press and digital media to help businesses and individuals prepare for a No Deal Brexit. In common with many recent announcements, the challenge may be turning the rhetoric into practical delivery.


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YCGE and New Democracy UK co-host event in Parliament with the Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP & Louis Loizou, Chair of Hellenic Bankers Association

July 24, 2019

On Thursday 18th July, YCGE and the UK-based branch of the Greek political party New Democracy, co-hosted an event in Parliament with the Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP and Louis Loizou, Chair of Hellenic Bankers Association.


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Brexit Could Succeed Where Germany Failed in Two Wars by Richard Peirce

July 22, 2019

Twice in the last century the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and its allies went to war with Germany and its allies.  Twice Germany, the second time led by Hitler, failed to destroy the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.  Brexit now threatens to destroy the UK and succeed where Germany failed, and the spectre of a return to serious terrorism and violence looms over Ulster once again.  Young British soldiers may again die within the British Isles because voters and politicians failed to take into account the issues that could arise with the return of a hard border across Ireland.


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Cognitive dissonance and the free trade challenge, By Martin Smith

July 21, 2019

How Tory No-Deal Brexiters mimic the Left

It is often said by those on the Centre-Right that Socialists suffer from a particular form of cognitive dissonance regarding the repeated failure of their ideology: to achieve their stated goals of reducing poverty, they continue to advocate for policies that have the effect of increasingpoverty. They have achieved a perfect separation between the intentionsof a policy and its results.


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