YCGE attends EDS Study Mission in Cyprus

An Island with a deep and long history, host to civilizations from the Phoenicians onwards; oozing with natural beauty and a rich culture, Cyprus is a jewel in the Mediterranean. Yet it is Europe’s last divided nation as well.

'We need to leave one way or the other...' by Martin Smith

What an interesting interview Geoffrey Cox gave the other day, similar to a recent one from Michael Fabricant. Effectively, he said, we just need to leave. The terms don’t matter. It’s what people voted for, so let’s just honour the referendum and leave. Indeed.

‘No deal’ – are the people right? by Richard Barfield

The Commons vote on 29 March that rejected the Withdrawal Agreement increased the likelihood of the UK leaving the European Union on 12 April with ‘no deal’.  Cabinet ministers have described the consequences of ‘no deal’ as catastrophic.

Time to stop the charade

The PM should recognise that no available option has a democratic mandate, and seek one

Weighing the alternatives – would it be right to have a second vote?

With the date for Brexit delayed – for how long we do not know – Parliament now has the chance to take control. The possibility of a second referendum will come alive again, and again, for how long we cannot tell. Is it as good or as bad an idea as the partisans on either side say?

CGE at the March for a People's Vote

Following on from the overwhelming support for an Informed Vote by CGE members, we have been organising and taking part in a variety of initiatives.