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We conduct and publish regular research into the latest developments in British society, politics and economics.

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Seeking the Common Good- Building a new constructive relationship between Britain and the European Union_0.pdf 3.87 MB
Whats the problem with Super Canada?.pdf 340.54 KB
Keeping the Bridges Open. Alternatives for Transition.pdf 1.53 MB
Factsheet 15- Ten Positive Reasons to Vote Remain.pdf 91.87 KB
Factsheet 14- Putting the Record Straight - 10 Referendum Campaign Myths.pdf 96.95 KB
Factsheet 13- Farming, Food and the European Union.pdf 100.86 KB
Factsheet 12- British Success in EU Science, Research and Higher Education.pdf 122.88 KB
Factsheet 11- The EU and Trade Issues.pdf 98.62 KB
Factsheet 10- Europe, the Environment and Climate Change.pdf 110.24 KB
Factsheet 9- Britain, the European Union and Projecting Global Influence.pdf 98.76 KB
Factsheet 8- Healthier in Europe.pdf 109.83 KB
Factsheet 7- The European Union and the Challenge of Migration.pdf 122.62 KB
Factsheet 6- The European Union's role in combatting Crime and Terrorism.pdf 102.66 KB
Factsheet 5- The European Union's role in Promoting Peace and Security.pdf 98.64 KB
Factsheet 4- Britain and the European Union Budget.pdf 96.83 KB
Factsheet 3- Sovereignty, Democratic Accountability and Britain's place in the European Union.pdf 110.47 KB
Factsheet 2- The EU Single Market.pdf 120.39 KB
Factsheet 1- Remain- The Economic Case.pdf 111.23 KB